The word Computandia means "Computing".

Research at Computandia involves various aspects of understanding, modeling and interacting with human brain using man made systems for computing. What is "computing"? One can define computing as "The systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information: their theory, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, and application...". (Peter J. Denning, et al. "Computing as a Discipline", Communications of the ACM, Jan 1999)

There are many relevant scientific disciplines that have been emerged and thrived in the past few decades. Artificial intelligencemachine learningcomputer visionsoft computing, intelligent systems, human-centered computing and information technology. Many of the above disciplines started with the ambitious goal of replicating some aspects of the brain's computing power using an algorithmic process executed on a computer. In many cases, these man-made systems are designed to replace human brain. Computandia is an effort to keep the focus on the human element. Computandia is a human centered approach to computing. An automated man-made computer system has perfect recall, high computational power and has no room for mistake or fatigue. However, it lacks high level attributes such as intuition, emotion, awareness and morality. Whether these concepts are unique attributes of the human mind or mere byproduct of extreme complexity, can be up to philosophical debates. Nonetheless, a human centered approach to computing tries to utilize a computer system that augment human mind rather than replacing it.