Research at Computandia is inspired by human brain, as the natural source of cognitive power. Broadly speaking, we are interested in designing computer systems that are either inspired by or integrated with human intelligence and thus our research philosophy follows a human-centred computing approach. Our human-centred approach is two fold. The first aspect involves using the psychophysics of human perception to design or evaluate computer algorithms. For example, understanding the content of images/videos or detecting the similarities between images, are complicated tasks that need to be validated against human judgement. Examples of such research is Amir's PhD thesis on the topic of content-based image retrieval using image similarity measures inspired by the approximate nature of the human visual perception. The second aspect of human-centred computing is to design interactive intelligent systems to utilize both human intelligence and computer algorithms to augment one another. An example of this scenario is Amir's research in the human computer interaction laboratory on interactive video summarization and exploration. 

Present Research Interests

  • Interactive video visual analytic (project: svisit)
  • functional near infra red spectroscopy of the brain and its application in human computer interaction (download presentation)
  • Consumer behaviour analysis using video surveillance data
Amir's PhD Thesis: Click here to see the full text of the thesis.

Past Research Topics