Project: POINCaRe  (2009-2012),      Collaborators: James F. Peters (academic advisor)
Project Location: Computational Intelligence Laboratory, the University of Manitoba

POINCaRe is a computer application designed for image similarity analysis and content based image retrieval. It was developed as part of Amir's Ph.D. thesis, completed in Computational Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Manitoba.  POINCaRe can be used to calculate similarity between two single images or between a single image and a set of images using a variety of local features such as color, texture and edge information.This image analysis system is an outgrowth of several years of research on the image resemblance problem. 


POINCaRe was originally written in MATLAB but is now available as a standalone executable program. POINCaRe is named after Jules Henri Poincaré (1854 - 1912), whose work on the philosophical aspects of the contrast between the mathematical and physical continua that led to the idea of tolerance space theory. POINCaRe can be also read as the initials for: (Program forObject and Image Nearness Comparison and Recognition).

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